Simple products that make a Huge Difference

Part of my branding as a different type of web designer is I am truly committed to taring down the smoke and mirrors this industry sometimes puts up. I am doing my part by revealing the secrets this industry offers to unknowing people.
I don't have a product to sell, I have a service I render. We all received those annoying phone calls almost every week where the person who is pretending to be from Google. Here is the first secret, they are not from Google. Google does not make soliciting phone calls! These companies are making millions of dollars as clients are pay monthly to "keep their name on top", when the reality is, they have very little control over that.
If you are interested in a legitimate service that actual works with Google's algorithm, I have the perfect solution for you.


Stage 1 Search Engine Optimization

  • General Assessment and Consultation
  • Analyze Website Data
  • Will Add All Necessary Tools To Your Website
  • Homepage Keywords and Meta Data
  • Resubmit website to Google

One Time Expense:

Live Web Database Access (MySQL)

No remote access to your database? Need a simple user friendly alternative to phpMyAdmin? No problem! Get direct access to your current website's database.

  • Easily access to your MySQL database directly online
  • Now you can create / delete / edit data directly
  • Convert your MySQL Database into a web based application
  • Import | Export with ease!

One Time Expense: