Lets talk about Who I am!

I am a unilateral freelance web designer doing business out of Dayton Ohio. Running 10+ years strong, my vision is to continue doing what it is I really enjoy doing everyday. I offer a processional web design service at very competitive rates. No one beats my prices for the level of professionalism I give at the quality of service in which I render.

I first started my business part-time while working for other companies to make ends meet. As time went on, my found myself in a position where the demand of my business forced me into a full-time position working for my own company 100%.

Today I have over 150 clients from coast to coast, most of whom are located within a 100 mile radius of my location in Southwest Ohio.

I love what I do. In the beginning my vision was start a business, grow a business as any other entrepreneur searching for the American Dream. As I started to hire other designers and listening to countless stories of frustrated clients trying to find designers, I begin to truly learn how difficult it is to find serious web designers with real talent and an excellent customer support skill set. I sadly learned that it does NOT exist. That is when I decided being a "one man show" was the way for me to go.

Today I treat each of my clients as family. Every client I bring in starts on a first name bases as I save their phone number into my person cell phone. My clients don't just get a web designer. They get a friend in the industry who know what he's doing without price gouging good people with or without the means.

My Clients are happy.

It doesn't matter to me if you have a $300 job that needs done or a $3,000 job that needs done. I treat all of my clients with the same level of respect and dignity that each one of them deserves. I have a 99 point something % customer satisfaction rate, and a portfolio to prove it. Most clients say it is because I have a no non-sense approach when it comes to getting the job done. I aggressively attack each problem as I maintain my professional throughout any situation.  Others say it is because I am nerdy enough to do the job, but grounded enough to understand their process.

People are sick and tired of being nickeled and dimed, cross sales on everything all the time just because they are in need. One thing customers appreciate is that I NEVER, ever try to sell a client something they simply do not need.

I understand things come up, and other things happen taking priority. I never keep progress hostage while waiting on my client.

My Unique, Yet Effective Core Values

  • Integrity Always Comes First
  • Never Pushy on Prospective Clients
  • Always Friendly to Work With
  • Reliability and Honest Assessments
  • Competitive Rates
  • Highest Quality Available per Budget
  • Satisfaction Always Guaranteed!

My Strategic Goal

Right now goal is like anyone else's goal. Survive! Keep doing what I am doing; offer the best services I can to the best people I can, for the best prices that I can.

This business runs on the notion that you will get back from the world what you put into it. Move forward with me...